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at the beach
Wow I can't believe it's July already.

I haven't occupied the online world that much in the last months. Paying for Internet is one of the things that falls to the way side with us when it comes to other bills that are neccities. I can always use it at the library or a friends house if I need to and there are so many free wifi spots- I can go to the grocery store now and be online, or here at this fast food joint(lol I dunno, I just don't want to say exactly where I am this morning but I am enjoying an iced coffee). Tablets make life easier. Nonetheless we have paid our provider and restored our service at home so I can chat more regularly now.

velvetamethyst and I reconnected a few nights ago and discovered we were reading the same book at the same time! We read many of the same books or books by the same authors but haven't read a book together, well closely together, since Prince Lestat. Which I find just so damn awesome to have someone to discuss the subject matter with!! So I have to finish it!

I did keep the promise I made in March. I am keeping a handwritten journal. I am so proud of myself! I've gone through three notebooks already! I even decorate the covers and surprisingly C has not tried to snoop in them once! I leave them out in the open on the stand so he probably assumes there is nothing to terrible in them, at least not about him. Haha I hide that one well!

It's nice writing and not having to worry about anyone scrutinizing every word or phrase I've written. I mean someday I hope when I have children and I am gone they will still be around for them to look at and read - get to know me more personally than just a memorial Facebook page. There is just an eerieness about that I cannot ever shake.

And it's nice to have a place to store words, thoughts, stories, doodles, that are just yours. I recommend it highly as therapeutic.

I have finished my ice coffee so I am heading home to hit THE DAMNED by Andrew Pyper and perhaps have a little book discussion later. :)
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March '16
winter beanie
Happy St Patrick's day!! I know I missed it, well missed typing it on here, at LJ. We were not able to celebrate for we both had to work the next day and neither of us wanted to be sporting a hangover. We did have corn beef and cabbage which I love but C...not so much and I am well aware of it so I had a couple burgers on the side for him. Oh he was so grateful! Fine with me more corn beef sandwiches for me!! Yummy, I love corn beef not crazy about the cabbage but love it on bread with mustard!!

Not much going on. It's all been just routine which in some cases is nice. I am not so bored yet and have not reached the point where boredom from routine is driving me crazy. I am sure it will come but it's nice to actually enjoy it and feel safe within it. No more feeling as if the bottom is about to drop out! Yeah!

So...what else..

Happy Easter if I do not return to write again in March. We will be spending Easter with C's family which is nice. Everything is traditional with them including church. It'll be nice to put on our Sunday best and feast with the family. I am hoping...

I must be honest here, I am apprehensive a little bit. My family was never the church going kind so...I was not brought up as strictly with faith as C. He is not so RELIGIOUS as his parents I mean they are nice wonderful people and I adore them but ... They look down their noses and frown upon us living together. Well you know what I mean. It is never a big to do crazy argument with them but they have their way of letting us know where it becomes uncomfortable. This I Am not looking forward to. I would prefer cooking the Easter dinner myself and we, C and I, spend it alone with each other but...can't do that. --heavy sigh-- Well I feel a little better admitting my true thoughts on that subject. Well some of my thoughts anyway...

So Happy Easter and if not sooner I will see ya in April. :)

Deep Freeze Valentine's Day
winter beanie
Holy Cow is it COLD!!!! Brrrrrrrr! I do not enjoy this type of weather, not one bit. You cannot retain your warmth once you've gone outside and I had to this morning for coffee because silly me forgot to add it to the grocery list yesterday. I AM FREEZING! I certainly know the meaning to the expression frozen to the bone this morning!

Happy Valentines Day!

I should say happy frozen Valentine's Day.

I am somewhat stunned that I have not posted an entry since August of last year. Well I suppose when you get up and work everyday there isn't too much to write about plus Tumblr makes it far too easy to post pictures than to actually delve into a writing thought process.

I must remedy my laziness in writing, even plain diary entries or randomness this year. I've been a lazy bones in the reading department as well opting to watch Netflix or tv. I can place the blame on some well written shows though so it's not entirely my fault.

I miss not be able to go back and read my thoughts and feelings through the year. Was something I used to do if not blogging online than my paper journals of course living with someone doesn't make it easy to have a PRIVATE anything. Not that C is the nosy jealous type, he is not, however his curiosity is capable of getting the better of him. That is not an excuse to stop me though.

I also miss reading some other journals that seem to have "faded away" or apparently ended. Although I wasn't a regular follower or participant in comments there were some I enjoyed extremely! Some were personal, some were fandom. All I can do is hope they return periodically if not permanently. Keep my frozen fingers crossed.

I will try to be better myself.

at the beach
So here we are mid August and according to the weather we are about to enter the dog days of summer this week starting tomorrow. It is going to be brutally hot!

C and I will be camping, packing our tents and sleeping bags up and heading out into the woods. Well actually a site near old Putnam Pond. A nice little spot nestled in the pines with the edge of the pond just a few feet away. One of my favorite spots. We go to this particular site every year since we started dating. I guess you could say it is our place.

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Summer time - Summer time...
glasses JL
So I have returned. Got my internet back and caught up on some back bills. So happy about that!! I was beginning to feel a little lost. Unfortunately not many of you have written as you most have told me in chat, so I wasn't surprised. Livejournal just doesn't seem to be the place anymore ---> Tumblr seems to be where it is at!!

I cannot believe it is Summer! The weather feels like Fall. Not that I mind, I am not one who looks forward to heat and humidity so bad you cannot breathe. I despise it.

I haven't been reading lately, this is very odd to me and very odd that I am even typing this because I am the sort who always has a book in hand. However, not in the last few months, have I been able to settle on one book and have been reading bits and pieces of books. Some for obvious reasons and others - I don't know. I am not usually like this, I am the kind of bibliophile that picks up a book and reads it from cover to cover within a week or two. I have been known to read a book in a day which amazes C! C has even been asking where is my book, I always see you with a book, what are you reading, how come you don't have a book? It's funny actually. Usually he plays his video games and I read so I believe I am throwing off his game! As said, I have been reading books in pieces, a page here a page there. So far I am doing this with three and unable to settle into one. This has happened to me a few time along the way and I despise it when it does. Although upon analyzing it, my theory is this, nothing is really catching me, grabbing ahold of me and saying READ ME, READ ME, READ ME!!! I know this is a boring subject- ha! like a majority of my entries! - nevertheless, I want to state it for the record that this is odd an worrisome for me. Noted.

So I am going to bid livejournal adieu for now, my hot water is ready for my tea.

My Absence
winter beanie
Reason for my absence and why I have not posted in the community (but I am planning to hopefully this weekend!!) I have been sick with the flu. I swear to God this damn thing just hit me one day like a ton of bricks two weeks ago and I haven't really felt well since. I keep having headaches off and on, my eyes just cannot take looking at a computer screen. I had to take a leave of absence from work for a week and I have never done that since I began working there, I am rarely ever sick. I am back to work but looking at the computer screen there really just takes a toll on me by the end of the day and I just want to be in a zombie state staring sleepily at the television when I am home.

I don't like being sick. I tend to let all the things I like to do slide, like reading, oh my god I don't think I have even opened a book in almost three weeks! And that is not like me at all I am a bookworm and always have my nose in a book, on the couch, at the table(drives Chris nuts when I read at the table in the morning - I think he sees it as neglect of him on my part but it isn't really) I just like to read. That is why I absolutely loathe having headaches behind the eyes, I just cannot focus on anything for a long period of time.

Chris has been so good to me though. When I was home he did all the cooking and cleaning. I felt so guilty that he was doing it all but he told me to remain in bed and I obeyed my beloveds orders. He is such a great guy. Needless to say our Valentines was a stay at home dinner ( we cooked it together). I received my roses, no candy cannot stomach it and Chris received his video game card. Nothing big at all and we both were fine with it. Usually we go out and spend extravagantly on a meal we know we cannot afford but hey it is only one time out of the year. So this year we saved some money - a good thing for us.

I believe I have kicked the actual Flu out of my system, I just feel blah and tired, run down feeling. No signs of a headache today...yet and I am hoping it remains this way through out the day into the night.

So far so good. I am so glad I have two days off and can just chill today and tomorrow.

Fangirl -(first read of 2015)
reading book
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This book is certainly a coming of age book solely based around a girl, Cather Avery, who writes Simon Snow fan fiction. The story begins with Cather and her twin sister Wren heading off to college. Cath is upset and feeling out of sorts since her twin decided not too have as much contact with Cath like they did at home and at high school. Cather finds solace in her fan fiction of Simon Snow, writing to her fanfic account to please her fans and to make the deadline of her story end before the real author of Simon Snow releases her new book. One of the courses Cather takes in college is writing and she struggles with what she feels she wants and to be what her teacher, Professor Piper, considers a -real writer- or stay in her continued world with borrowed characters. Professor Piper is not a fan of the fanfiction world but she is pretty good to Cath because even thought Cath writes ff, Professor Piper knows talent when she reads it.

I loved Levi, Cather's boyfriend and her room mates ex. I thought, OH MY GOD he has to be the greatest guy on earth and was so glad when the two final hooked up. Reagan was Cather's dorm roomie and at first I was not crazy about her but warmed up to her the more she warmed up to Cath and pretty much took care of Cath like a surrogate big sister. I did not like Levi painted visual wise much too old for Cath. At least that is how I visualized him, youthful but heading toward twenty five. One of the flaws for me in the book. Nevertheless, and like I said already, he proved to be such a great guy!! Being there for Cath when her dad Arthur Avery was in the hospital and being real cool to her about her dad being bipolar. There are more ins and outs to the book I am just hitting on the main points. For example - Cath and Wren have drama, there is mother drama, so on and so forth.


Like most who have read this book I found myself wanting to read the ff Cather was writing about Simon Snow as well as the original author's Snow. The Simon Snow stories seemed like a twisted version of Harry Potter as well as Baz, another Snow character who in Cather's fan fiction version, Simon and Baz, are lovers. Not surprising eh?

Although I enjoyed the story and the story within the story I felt the ending fell a little short - well not short rather abrupt and feeling confused left to draw my on conclusion on the ending of, well both stories. The book was enjoyable and you are easily drawn into the world of the characters. Doesn't get a five star rating, a three from me on GR but I will be reading another book by Rainbow Rowell.

And Just Why Did This Bad Mood Come Home With Me
ginger eyes
I am in an absolutely horrific mood tonight. My foulness even sent Chris to bed early! Not really I believe he was just super tired. Terrible day for me today at work and I am in such a mood I don't even want to get into it. [sigh] So now I am in a dilemma on what to do with myself. Everything on television is a rerun and I am not really in the mood to watch The Walking Dead Marathon seeing it will return in Feb. 8th. I want to read but have to charge my tablet in order to so. I guess I will opt for a movie and a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. Let's hope my bad spirits do not follow me off to dreamsville.

Merry Christmas
winter beanie
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone's holiday was a joyful one.

We certainly have had an extremely wonderful holiday. Needless to say I am quite tired but extremely content. We received many gifts for the apartment. A new microwave for one. Ours barely heated water anymore and I was positive it was not going to hang on until the new year. A Keurig coffee maker which is what I asked for, mine was the old fashion coffee filter kind I bought for real cheap when I first moved out. The little thing still brews a great cup of java I am going to miss it but I feel so much more modern now. Even recieved some flavored k-cups I was so happy to have and ecstatic I didn't have to make a run to the store. Chris just wanted to be reassured he could have his regular cup in the morning. He is not a fan of the fancy favors like me. Chris recieved video games, far cry 4 and Call of Duty That was all he needed. He really doesn't ask for much, just games. I also recieved some books to read. Fan girl which I asked for. The rest are in the bags still. I would go get them but I am too tired right now. I have settled in to watch Jim Carey in The Grinch not sure if I will remain awake to see the ending but I am going to try. I love this movie!

Happy Thanksgiving
Thought I would make a post before we, Chris and I, head out to the relatives to have a thanksgiving feast.

I did purchase a small turkey and will probably cook it tomorrow so we can have our own little cozy thanksgiving. Along with the turkey I did purchase a pumpkin pie, that I will cook when I get home later tonight, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. Just a small dinner for the two of us. No it will not be as big as the feast we are attending today but there will probably be more wine drank than food ate. I have to remember I have a pie to cook and hopefully I can sneak in a holiday movie when Chris hits the hay. He has to work tomorrow, lucky me, I do not. So again it will be nice when he gets home. I love to cook and I am so excited for our own little feast. Corny but I am.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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