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I cannot get over how cool out it is this morning. One would think after that extremely humid weather the cool breeze would be welcoming but I am actually shivering, just a little, from it! I was tempted a few minutes ago to close my window. However there has been such a lack of fresh air in my home that I opted to pull the drape over a little instead. That has helped block the breeze, somewhat, but the blanket I have thrown over myself seems to be doing the trick.

Had a wonderful time with my friend fevette the other day. We got together for coffee and basically hung together the whole day. We wandered from store to store in the muggy weather. Oh we were a dripping mess!! It was worth it though and so needed on my part just to chat and goof around. I hope we can do it again soon!

Joined a few book lover sites over the last few days, well one this morning, two in total. Problem was I was so overwhelmed with all the things to add I logged out and came here. I was surprised I found them. I thought there was only Goodreads now but guess not. One I believe is a review site, the one that overwhelmed me, I wasn't expecting that because I really was just looking to list my books and not get too detailed about it. Then I thought while my mind was crashing that I should just add a secondary blog to my tumblr for books, that would be easiest. My tumblr is mainly books anyway. I don't know... I tend to get bored with Tumblr. (sigh) I was just looking for something new I guess. I'll go back later when my brain is more awake.

C ordered Netflix again so I will be surfing through the shows and movies at some point today. I am so excited!! He said MAYBE we'll try Hulu's free trial but he was told it has commercials so he didn't care for that. I don't mind commercials. Both are cheaper than regular cable and I would gladly drop cable for the two or even one!!

I am just so excited!!
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