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I am up early this morning. Fluctuating temps seem to have caused a small headache. The cool night will turn into a hot and humid day no doubt. Nursing myself this morning with a hot steaming cup of tea and a book. Just hoping I am able to read. Sometimes my headaches bring on a bout of nausea, not to mention I had a bout of an icky stomach this weekend. Crossing my fingers it is not something underlying since people I've been around have complaints of particular ailments, headaches, sore throat, and not just feeling well.

I've fallen off my daily writing journal. I don't know why just really haven't felt like writing all that much. I have thought of purchasing a WRECK THIS JOURNAL from Amazon. I saw one, a small one pocket size really, in K-mart but it was rather pricey for the size, $13.99. I thought that was a bit steep Amazon has larger ones for $7.99 but then there is the shipping and handling. Ugh. I don't know. Seems something for teens but I find it intriguing. Not to mention a woman actual sold a book like this with just titles on the page of what to do. Journaling intrigues me in general but as of late I feel silly doing it, like I am too old.

Maybe I am just experiencing the side effects of August. I get really down in August and I don't really know why. I've assumed it was a carry over from being in school - you know summer ending and school starting again, but I've been out of school for a while. I don't know. August comes and I get sad and moody, grumpy and bitchy and not wanting to do much of anything. Stuff I should be writing about!! I know! That's why I thought of grabbing that wreck this journal and perhaps forcing myself out of this. Keep my mind occupied on doing rather than thinking.

This too shall pass. It always does.
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