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Wow I can't believe it's July already.

I haven't occupied the online world that much in the last months. Paying for Internet is one of the things that falls to the way side with us when it comes to other bills that are neccities. I can always use it at the library or a friends house if I need to and there are so many free wifi spots- I can go to the grocery store now and be online, or here at this fast food joint(lol I dunno, I just don't want to say exactly where I am this morning but I am enjoying an iced coffee). Tablets make life easier. Nonetheless we have paid our provider and restored our service at home so I can chat more regularly now.

velvetamethyst and I reconnected a few nights ago and discovered we were reading the same book at the same time! We read many of the same books or books by the same authors but haven't read a book together, well closely together, since Prince Lestat. Which I find just so damn awesome to have someone to discuss the subject matter with!! So I have to finish it!

I did keep the promise I made in March. I am keeping a handwritten journal. I am so proud of myself! I've gone through three notebooks already! I even decorate the covers and surprisingly C has not tried to snoop in them once! I leave them out in the open on the stand so he probably assumes there is nothing to terrible in them, at least not about him. Haha I hide that one well!

It's nice writing and not having to worry about anyone scrutinizing every word or phrase I've written. I mean someday I hope when I have children and I am gone they will still be around for them to look at and read - get to know me more personally than just a memorial Facebook page. There is just an eerieness about that I cannot ever shake.

And it's nice to have a place to store words, thoughts, stories, doodles, that are just yours. I recommend it highly as therapeutic.

I have finished my ice coffee so I am heading home to hit THE DAMNED by Andrew Pyper and perhaps have a little book discussion later. :)
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