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Welcome to the new year with a new ...

President? Believe me, I don't like to be political, in fact I rarely talk politics, but I am one who has been severely affected and saddened by the choice and pick for our president. I've actually refrained myself this past week from watching any news programs although a very aggressive coworker feels the need to tell me that just leaves me uninformed. Yes it does but lately you can not tell the facts from the fiction and mentally, the depressive state we our in as a country, I needed and will continue my mental break.

Last Saturday C and I watched a marathon of BLACK SAILS season 3. Oh what an excellent series! Pirates!! Unfortunately we discovered it late and the new season 4 is the last season. I didn't even know we had the Starz channel! Boredom and the winter blahs caused us to surf the channels to see what channels we had and were actually paying for. We apparently have quite a few channels which explains the outrageous bill. We're going to see if we can swing it monthly or at least until we can watch The whole series. Can't tonight because it's Super Bowl night! Rooting for The Falcons although C is A Patriots fan! Sh, don't tell him! LOL! And next Sunday is the return of THE WALKING DEAD, can't wait 😊, so that's out. Maybe we'll try to squeeze it in during the week.

Well that's about all I have to journal about today. Go Falcons!!!


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