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As the End of the Year Approaches , 12.27.16

I first want to say belated Merry Christmas. I hope all who still read here at livejournal had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Christmas for C and I was wonderful. Many presents received and given along with time shared with family and friends. Warm, loving and joyful just as it should be.

December proved to be an extremely busy month for me with not much time for social media. I made a promise to myself to refrain from any internet activity until Christmas was over and I am proud to say I succeeded. I am sad to see that not many participate here at LJ anymore. I'd kept my fingers crossed hoping the possibility of that would change but I guess it is safe to say that many have moved on participating elsewhere on the web.

With life there is change and the internet is no exception.

I must say I am glad too see this year coming to a close. the death of George Michael and today Carrie Fisher a.k.a Princess Leia and by all the death this year starting with Bowie, Frey, Rickman, Prince(oh God Prince!!) and many more. I should take the time to respectability write each one down but ... I get to Prince and I just can't. This year has been too, too sad.

The year of endings....


I don't know if I will spend much time here in the new year. There really seems to be no point. Maybe Tumblr will keep my attention, maybe not. It hasn't the last few months just feeling way too repetitive. There is only so many times you can see the same posts, same with Facebook. That is what I miss here at livejournal - the comradery with favored subjects and friendships formed through written or read tales of creativity. Lives shared fiction or non-fiction.

And with that finality said...

"Moving on is simple, what it leaves behind is hard." - Dave Mustaine.
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