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Hello September...

Finally my favorite time of the year has arrived. Autumn!! I can't wait for the weather to turn cool and crisp and I can return to all my autumn hangouts. I cannot wait to slip into leggings, warm comfy socks, and an oversized sweater or sweatshirt and head to DD's for my pumpkin spice latte. I do not even care that pumpkin spice has become cliche' and the but of jokes for a certain type of girl. Even C asked me before he left today if I was going to get my pumpkin spice today and I answered - not yet, not cool enough yet. He just grinned that adorable grin of his.

I've done my written journal a little bit. I took the least expensive way out and purchased notebooks for .50 cents each. I plan to purchase a more costly journal now that I've discovered I cannot use certain pens or markers because they leak through the page onto the other. I've just been going with it though, it's really not for anyone's eyes but my own, it's just a bugging me! I am trying to be artistic with drawings and cutouts but seem to have lost some of my creative artistic side since my school days. I am hoping that will return. I'm sure it will.

Well I have to get back to the book I am reading and my cup of tea before it goes cold. Oh, I am reading "The Night Sister" by Jennifer McMahon. It's really good so far!
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