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Hello August!!!

I am always a little sad when August rolls in. Although I adore Autumn, my favorite time of the year, I cannot help but feel woeful that summer is coming to an end. It's not so bad now that I'm older it was worse for me when I was a little kid and still in school. I just get a little sad now. i am still waiting to hear crickets! I haven't heard any at night yet then again I have not really listened but tonight I will.

I am also sad and just a bit angry that I can't run out and buy the new HARRY POTTER book! Darn it all! I have to wait for my bigger paycheck and that won't happen until a lot of the college kids go back to school including some of the high school kids whose part time summer jobs come to an end. Fall merchandise will roll in and there hopefully will be overtime. Keeping my fingers crossed. I thought of checking the library but no - nope, I want it for my HP collection so I can wait.

I am avoiding all reviews and have informed anyone that knows me and I know is reading it not to tell me anything! I want to be just as excited when I purchase it to read it and not know the ending. So every time something comes on the news or someone goes oh I got the new Harry Potter book ... I go don't tell me don't tell me anything!

I can do it --crosses fingers-- ! It's just a bad time of year for me to be able to buy books. I know it's probably only $30 but that is still a lot of money for us. That's a few things at the grocery store or $30 on a bill you know it's tough.

Sometimes I SOOOO HATE being a grown up. Funny when I was younger, little kid, I thought adults could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Ha found out differently.

I am thinking of reading the series over again but ... I don't know. Probably make me miss my childhood.
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